Saturday, October 30, 2010

Haunted Halls Green Hills Sanitarium

Download Haunted Halls Green Hills Sanitarium

Explore a decrepit mental asylum and find your missing boyfriend in Haunted Halls – Green Hills Sanitarium!

Play the game Download Haunted Halls Green Hills Sanitarium

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Play RedEye 1031

RedEye 1031

Fight spiders, bats, and zombies on the falling airplane. Survive as you plummet down.

Have fun with playing RedEye 1031

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Safeplaces Game

Play Safeplaces

Attempt to find every thing hidden inside using mouse movements and also clicking.

Participate in Safeplaces Game

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Cat Game

Play Cat Game

Stop the incoming waves of cats in this amusing defense game.

Play the game Cat Game Online

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In the Nightcrawlers game, you are a Zombie! Make use of the arrows and A,S keys to walk, crawl, make yourself invisible and sneak up on humans and bite them!

Play the game Play Nightcrawlers

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Download Amelie's Cafe Halloween

Amelie's Cafe Halloween Game

Guide Amelie cater to guests clothed as goblins, ghosts and vampires! Keep her cooks busy and more in this Time Management game!

Have fun with playing Amelie's Cafe Halloween Game Online

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Play The Pumpkins Land

The Pumpkins Land

Draw lines and walk over them as a pumpkin head. Pick up all pumpkins and avoid dying.

Have fun with Play The Pumpkins Land

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Play Mountain Rescue Driver 2

Mountain Rescue Driver 2

Control your rescue vehicle as you drive over the crazy terrain. Make it over gaps as well as physics containers.

Have fun with Mountain Rescue Driver 2 Online

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Play Rolling Fall

Play Rolling Fall

Cut the chains, release the balls and eliminate all zombies...

Participate in Play Rolling Fall Online

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Duder Dilemma Game

Play The Duder Dilemma

Earn gems from killing baddies. Buy upgrades and eliminate the main multi-eyed boss

Have fun with playing Play The Duder Dilemma

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Underwater Tower Defense Game

Underwater Tower Defense

Pick your map and difficulty. Build your turrets along the tubes to attack the incoming sea monsters.

Have fun with playing Underwater Tower Defense Game

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Farm Barn Escape

Farm Barn Escape

Think about yourself that you've been trapped inside a farm barn and you try to escape from there as soon as possible by simply using the objects found there.

Participate in Farm Barn Escape Online

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Halloween Treats Game

Play Halloween Treats

Get this Halloween sweetheart an incredibly classy, original look to sport on Halloween night, one that will get her a basket filled with sweets!

Have fun with Play Halloween Treats

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Ether Space Defence Game

Play Ether Space Defence

Defend your position as you build turrets and make them much more powerful.

Participate in Ether Space Defence Online

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Party

Halloween Party

Halloween is coming! Guide this adorable young lady pick a exciting, scary outfit in order to impress her close friends with at the Halloween celebration.

Participate in Halloween Party Game Online

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Zojas Adventure

Play Zojas Adventure

You shipwreck and swim to the island. Your task is to leave this island. In the game you have to hunt, catch fish, wander at night, talk with a shamans and do what they'll request you to do

Participate in Zojas Adventure Game

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Play Goth Wedding Dress Up

Play Goth Wedding Dress Up

This young lady loves almost everything goth and what time of the year would be perfect for a goth wedding than the Halloween. Give this bride a day to remember forever simply by dressing her up in one of her amazing gowns and accessories in the goth style. Enjoy!

Play the game Goth Wedding Dress Up

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Funny Man Game

Funny Man

In this physics based puzzle game, use the predefined objects and attempt to reach the exit flag without falling.

Have fun with playing Funny Man

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Prom Beauty Makeup Game

Prom Beauty Makeup Game

The Bubble Girl has been a star. Now, she will go dating shortly. She does not want her boyfriend see her lazy looks. Please give her prom beauty makeup now. She can be a prom queen. Enjoy the fun!

Play the game Play Prom Beauty Makeup Online

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Mystery Legends The Phantom of the Opera Game

Mystery Legends The Phantom of the Opera

You’ve been invited to the very long abandoned Paris Opera House. Find the phantom and find out the torment of this tragic hero!

Participate in Mystery Legends The Phantom of the Opera Game

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Enter the arena in order to prove yourself as a gladiator!

Have fun with Apokalyx Game

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pumpkin Remover 2 Game

Pumpkin Remover 2

Use gravity, fire and also cunning to solve the puzzles in this spooky physics game.

Have fun with playing Pumpkin Remover 2 Online

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Play Taylor Swift Apple Pie

Taylor Swift Apple Pie

Assist Taylor Swift prepare a warm apple pie for the holidays!

Participate in Taylor Swift Apple Pie Online

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Twins of Fashion Game

Twins of Fashion

Dress-up this pair of lovely looking twins with fashion to make them look much better when they're together.

Participate in Play Twins of Fashion

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Play Mario Bros Motobike

Mario Bros Motobike Game

Ride your motorbike as Mario as you pick-up as numerous coins as you possibly can, and don't crash while performing tricks.

Participate in Play Mario Bros Motobike

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Dream House Escape Game

Play Dream House Escape

Use the items found smartly and escape from the house as soon as you possibly can. Have some fun.

Participate in Dream House Escape

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bar Defender Game

Play Bar Defender

Defend your position as you chuck bottles at the incoming waves of people. Earn enough cash to purchase much better equipment.

Have fun with playing Play Bar Defender

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Play Jean Collection Dress Up

Jean Collection Dress Up Game

Choose the most suitable clothes for this girl, giving her a real style with jeans.

Have fun with Jean Collection Dress Up Game

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Farm Tribe

Farm Tribe Game

Assist Anny manage a farm and solve the mystery of Mayan's tribe! Hire workers, enhance your farm, and much more in Farm Tribe!

Participate in Download Farm Tribe

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Play Delicious Cream Pastry

Delicious Cream Pastry

With this cool decoration game, you can prepare your dream cake in just a few mins! Have some fun.

Have fun with playing Delicious Cream Pastry

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Play Tideturner


Adjust the level of the tide in order to get the jetskier threw tunnels, over obstacles, and splattering people!

Have fun with Tideturner Online

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Play Princess Bubble Fun

Princess Bubble Fun Game

The Royal princess wants to get a brand new dress. But she needs to challenge the bubble match. Come on and to play the Princess Bubble Fun game, you'll get a lot of fun in it!

Have fun with Princess Bubble Fun Game

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Zombie Rabbits Must Die

Play Zombie Rabbits Must Die

Throw your creatures just right in order to kill or knock off all of the zombie rabbits. Do not kill your friends!

Play the game Zombie Rabbits Must Die Game

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Play 1 Will Survive 2

1 Will Survive 2

Build your base and send units over to the enemy base to defeat them. Manage resources & upgrades.

Participate in 1 Will Survive 2

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The Candy Trap Game

The Candy Trap

Find the differences between the 2 photos as the children get caught in the candy trap.

Participate in The Candy Trap Game

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Play Wings of GeNeSis

Wings of GeNeSis Game

Occur the same universe with the Original game, Wings of Genesis is a side-scrolling shooting game with a heavy touch of role playing game influence. Gamers can pick one of the three primary characters to begin the adventure and blast through waves of enemies and bosses! Moreover, you will find twenty special spirit beasts to ride, numerous gear to craft and numerous items to use. Each and every character is special and fully customizable providing unprecedented level of depth in a side scrolling shooting game.

Play the game Wings of GeNeSis Game Online

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Download I SPY Treasure Hunt

I SPY Treasure Hunt

Start on an adventure to Smuggler’s Cove, a community stuffed with pirates, elusive clues and magnificent hidden treasures!

Play the game Download I SPY Treasure Hunt

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Download Renovate and Relocate Boston

Renovate and  Relocate Boston

Assist Olivia Renovate and Design!

Have fun with Renovate and Relocate Boston

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Beauty Shop Designer

Play Beauty Shop Designer

Give your own touch to this completely new beauty store! Arrange furniture and stock your shelves with the best products.

Have fun with playing Beauty Shop Designer Game

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Play Kung Fu Attack

Kung Fu Attack Game

Launch your karate abilities in the very retro arcade game Kung Fu Attack. Make use of arrow keys, C and X to move, jump, kick'n'punch your way through stages.

Participate in Kung Fu Attack Game Online

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Prehistoric Archer Game

Prehistoric Archer

Who's faster the bubble or the caveman? To get a right answer to this prehistoric question you have to play this physics driven bow shooting game.

Have fun with playing Play Prehistoric Archer Online

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Outdoor Kissing Game

Play Outdoor Kissing

Hey today is Sunday, so me and my girlfriend has arrived around the scene to spend time. But unfortunately I found a lot of people close to me. So help us to have a good time and make sure that no one gazes at us. Have some enjoyable.

Play the game Play Outdoor Kissing Online

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Taxi Driver Challenge Game

Taxi Driver Challenge Game

Your task is to look for passengers and carry them to place where they request you to drive. All destinations and the possible locations of the passengers are flagged on map.

Play the game Taxi Driver Challenge Game Online

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Zuzu and Pirates

Zuzu and Pirates Game

Defend Zuzu from the pirates! Look for the stolen honey, and build a fortress to protect your Zuzu family in Zuzu & Pirates!

Have fun with Download Zuzu and Pirates Online

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Bunny Flags Game

Bunny Flags Game

How would you defend your flag from a waves of enemies? Would you be an engineer with his army of towers?, or a Commando designing attack stategies or maybe the destroyer, who leaves nothing in his path? Have a great time!

Play the game Bunny Flags Online

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Play Japanese Kimono

Play Japanese Kimono

The blue kimono is my favorite among the many others and because I am not yet married, my sleeves reach down to my ankles, they are wide in size and attractive. This is the best a single Japanese woman can wear!

Have fun with Japanese Kimono Game Online

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Japanese Nonograms

Japanese Nonograms Game

Traditional Japanesse puzzle game but on-line edition. Painting by numbers. Griddlers. Nonograms.

Participate in Japanese Nonograms Game

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Play The Algorithm Crew

Play The Algorithm Crew

A top-down action three dimensional shooter. Unlock doors, and shoot baddies as you accomplish the tasks.

Play the game The Algorithm Crew Online

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Download Venus The Case of the Grand Slam Queen

Venus The Case of the Grand Slam Queen

Get yourself into Venus’s world and assist her win another Grand Slam championship while she is being hounded by an unknown stalker.

Play the game Venus The Case of the Grand Slam Queen

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Farm Wars Game

Farm Wars

Protect your farm from the attacking farm animals. Upgrade your guns and also hire help for the defense.

Participate in Farm Wars Game Online

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