Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Which are the Real Probability of Winning a Pokies Jackpot?

If you’re a consistent pokies or slots player, chances are you really want to win the jackpot. Let’s face it, pretty much everyone who has ever played a casino game of pokies has wondered about how great it might be if they actually hit it big time and won millions of dollars.

That being said - if you’re a realist then you’re possibly wondering what your odds are of indeed being in the position to pull that off. In other words: Is there a probability chance regarding cold hard science and mathematics that you’ll manage to win a slots or online pokies jackpot?

Honestly - that isn’t a simple question to reply to, and it isn’t just because the mathematics is hard to crunch. As you’re planning to find out, there are a lot of factors that determine good results.

Type of Machine Affects Odds

Bear this in mind: Not all slots machines is the same. At heart each will run on a random number generator nowadays, nonetheless they can differ in numerous ways nonetheless. By way of example, a video slot with 3 reels differs strongly looking at the counterparts with 4 reels or 6 reels.

Similarly, even pokies games designed to use the same amount of reels it can be could vary greatly. For the reason that modern pokies machines don’t work the way you probably think.

Conventional wisdom dictates when a online pokies machine has 64 symbols on each reel in that case your odds of landing with a given symbol is 1/64, which in turn means that your chances of landing on a specific symbol on the 3 reels is (1/64) towards the power of three.

But pokies and online pokies machines nowadays don’t work like that and your probability of landing on a given symbol (even in a 64 symbol system) isn't 1/64. Instead, you can find virtual stops that make it much bigger, sometimes even 1/512 possibly even on.

Observe that would affect your chances of winning the pokies jackpot?

Guess of Jackpot Possibilities

Honestly, the best that can be done is roughly estimate the odds of winning a jackpot in pokies - and that's really very roughly.

In like manner cut with the suspense, your rough estimate in the odds of winning any online slots jackpot ought to be about One out of 50 million or so (give or take a couple of million).

Remember, this is really just a rough estimate but it's based on the basic data of how frequently people do win at pokies or online slots games.

At the conclusion of the day, what you need to now know would be that the ‘odds’ of pokies and online pokies games are a lot more complicated than you most likely used to think we were holding. Still, at the end of the day another thing is certain: The greater you play, the more your odds of eventually winning.

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